Be a good cooperator, and increase our knowledge

We stand on the shoulders of – well – not necessarily gigants (although some may be), but the little contributions of myriad people before us (notion courtesy of richerson and boyd).  Do your part, participate in an online experiment.  Here is a place where you can choose from some.  There is also a direct benefit – you get to notice how one conducts research.  Invaluable. 


Kate Clancy’s Context and Variation

This is a must read blog for those interested in evolution and humans.  Kate is in Anthropology (we are nothing if not diversified) and writes about reproduction – which is one of the core areas for Evolutionary Anything (must reproduce, ore else go extinct).


There are loads of good blogs and other resources for evoultion on the net. This blog is a place where I will be collecting links to these, both form my own perusal, and for you the student, or other intrested people.  I will keep it in english (for some reason, I find that easier to do, plus, you know, wider audience).

My first link is to a blog-series by Patrick F. Clarkin called ”humans are (blank) -ogamous.  He outlines the varieties of human mating (and human reasons for mating – not it is not just to have babies).  Mating strategies are enormously important for evolutionary psychology – or for anything evolutionary, because, well, they do result in offspring and that is the way evolution work – and some strategies are better for that than others.

But, pop ev-psych tends to be simplified to the old ”hogamus higamus, men are polygamous” doggerel (Attribution of that one is unclear, but check the link to the quotation detective).  It ain’t so simple, as you can see.