How to make biomorph.  An Alife app


Sometimes we just dig the Cigar- null hypothesis in sexual selection

Not all the traits that are there became that way because of some – well as of yet unhidden reason (but that our storytelling minds most certainly can confabulate one for).  Preferences can be arbitrary, and then take off.  A bit like fashion sometimes, perhaps.  And, this may be a bit hard to wrap ones head around. 

Carl Zimmer has a great post up on this null-hypothesis (it is from 2010 – on the web time is not of the essence), with links to academic papers on this. 

If platypuses reasoned crappily.

When you look at the living diversity out there today, it is sometimes… tempting to ordering things as being more primitive or more evolved than other things.  (I will refrain from making a bad joke here). 

Not so strange, perhaps, as you come across that every once-in-awhile in the discourse in magazines and newspapers and tv. 

But – that’s not really how it is.  I think this post about platypus reasoning about the primitiveness of humans makes that very clear. 


So, try to strenghten this association in your brain:  Primitive – Platypus.